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Jail Operations

The Liberty County Jail is a modern facility that is currently built to house a total of 250 inmates. The facility was designed to be easily expanded to meet the growth of the County in the future. The building's design allows for individual "pods" to be added as needed without having to close down the facility or breach the security of the existing pod. The jail is manned 24 hours a day by a shift of trained and state certified correctional officers. As one of the area's larger jails, we often house personnel detained for numerous other jurisdictions including municipal, state and federal agencies. In addition to the inmate detention pod and it's related functions, the building houses an administrative area for the jail and the Detectives Office. The administrative areas are separated from the secure jail area by electronically controlled secure doors and is under constant surveillance of video cameras.

The facility includes an operational medical infirmary that is staffed by a full time medical practioner. Routine medical treatment of inmates is accomplished at the facility thereby reducing the cost to the tax payers. More serious medical treatment is accomplished as needed by transporting the inmate to local doctors and hospitals.

The facility also includes a fully equipped kitchen where meals are prepared for the inmates. The meals are prepared by a contractor under the supervision of Jail staff. Meals are served by supervised inmates and guard personnel. All building maintenance, laundry, cleaning, and other house keeping chores are handled in house by department personnel and by supervised inmates.

Inmate visitation is regulated by the correctional officers. Non contact visitation of housed inmates is accomplished through a scheduling process. All new inmates booked into the jail who are not immediately released on bond are scheduled visitation times and days. This scheduling reduces confusion by inmates and visitors and insures all inmates are allowed visitation. Unforseen situations such as family emergencies, out of state visitors or other non- routine visitation is accomodated if possible. This type situation is handled by the Jail Administrator.

A state of the art automated inmate booking system has been installed in the facility. A portion of the equipment was obtained using funds seized during asset forfeiture proceedings against personnel arrested for illegal drug activities. The system links all facets of the Sherrif's Department together thereby reducing repetitive entry of information. Data entered by one section of the department is immediately available to other sections with a need for the information. The automation of incident reports, arrests, warrants, and other matters has greatly reduced the time it takes to process a complaint, book an inmate, and maintain accurate records. This has resulted in a savings of money and manpower that can be better spent keeping the deputies in the community where they are needed.

To facilitate processing of persons at the jail, two ultra modern systems were added to reduce manpower and time. An automated fingerprinting system which scans a persons fingerprints and produces laser print records, and a sophisticated digital imaging system for taking, printing and storing record photographs of all persons arrested was obtained. The addition of these systems are particularly noteworthy since they were obtained through federal grants available to law enforcement agencies through the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council.

Construction on the addition of a new pod and a work release facilty were recently completed. A new minimum secutiry area used as a trustee barracks was built as well as a 60 bed work release facility. This addition was built utilizing funds from the 1% Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax.

The new work release barracks allows persons serving short sentences for certain offenses the opportunity to serve their court ordered sentence and still be able to maintain their job. This has added a very productiive method whereby somone who commits a crime can be allowed to continue to work and still repay their debt to society.

Photographs of the jail facility as it was before the current expansion, as it appears now, and with future expansions can be viewed on the photo below.

If you would like further information about the Liberty County Jail facility, contact Mr Doug Franks, Jail Administrator, at (912) 876-6411.

Law Enforcement or Jail personnel who would like information on the Lifescan Laser Fingerprint System, or the Automated Inmate Booking System in use by this department, please contact the Systems Administrator listed on the Contact Page.

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