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Sheriff Steve C. Sikes

I, along with all the Deputies and staff of the Liberty County Sheriff's Office are dedicated to providing skilled, professional law enforcement services to all citizens of Liberty County. Statistics show Liberty County to be one of the fastest growing communities in Georgia. The Sheriff's Department has grown with the community and has made great strides in improving the quality and professionalism of law enforcement services to the community. We have established many policies and procedures which have saved countless dollars to you the tax payers, and have established training and policy requirements to insure every citizen receives the most professional law enforcement service available. We have recruited and hired experienced and highly trained personnel who enjoy their work and perform their assigned duties with enthusiasm and dedication to the citizens of our county.

As Sheriff, I will continue to place a strong emphasis on being a working Sheriff. I have made myself available to the citizens of Liberty County and require my personnel to adhere to this same philosophy. I invite any citizen to contact me on any issue and I will insure a prompt response to any question, problem, complaint or suggestion. The Liberty County Sheriff's Department is here to serve and protect all the citizens.

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Mailing Addresses

Liberty County Sheriff's Office
PO Box 439
Hinesville, GA 31310
tel (912) 876-2131
fax (912) 876-2179

Detective's Office
180 Paul Sikes Dr
Hinesville, GA 31313
tel (912) 876-4555
fax (912) 876-0797

Liberty County Jail
180 Paul Sikes Dr
Hinesville, GA 31313
tel (912) 876-6411
fax (912) 876-3060

Inmate Mail

Inmate's Name
LibertyCounty Jail
180 Paul Sikes Dr
Hinesville, GA 31310

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